Four people go from North Carolina to Kingsport to take a vehicle - Finding 1 Bedroom Apartments Kingsport TN
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Four people go from North Carolina to Kingsport to take a vehicle

Four people go from North Carolina to Kingsport to take a vehicle


KINGSPORT, TN – Four people from North Carolina were arrested in Kingsport after they used a gun to try to take a vehicle.

Yesterday, just before noon, Kingsport Police were called to an apartment complex on Chadwick Drive. When the officers got there, they saw four people around a vehicle parked in front of the apartments.

When police got there, one of the people, Austin Deyton, started walking away. Police saw that he had a gun in his right hand and ordered him to drop the gun and lay on the ground. All four of the people were arrested.

Police say Austin Deyton, Tammy Deyton, Jeffrey Deyton and James Whitson went to the apartment to claim the vehicle. They say Austin Deyton was in a relationship with the resident of the apartment’s daughter. Austin Deyton claims he co-owned the vehicle with the daughter. Before they got to the apartment, Austin Deyton left threatening voicemails saying they were coming for the car.

When the four people got to the apartment, Whitson knocked on the door and pointed a handgun at the person who lived there and demanded the car keys. The man in the apartment slammed the door and called 9-1-1. Then, Tammy Deyton went to the door and knocked. One of the daughters of the resident of the apartment answered the door, thinking it was the police. Tammy Deyton demanded the keys to the vehicle and tried to force her way in. The daughter was able to get the door closed.

When police got there, Whitson handed the gun to Austin Deyton, who was trying to get rid of it.

All four people were charged. James Whitson and Tammy Deyton were charged with Aggravated Burglary. Austin Deyton was charged with being an Accesory to Aggravated Burglary. Jeffrey Deyton was charged with public intoxication.

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